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No matter how much fun we are going to have, we still have some serious work to do


Meet Jadran Domančić, triathlon coach with more than 10 years of experience.

I graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb as a strength and conditioning coach. I work as a cycling and triathlon coach and I can say that this is my life’s calling. From a young age, it was clear that sport would be an important element in my life. Also I worked as a guide on the wine tours during summer for many years where I meet people from all over the world.

I have tried many sports and I can say that every sport has its charm. But two sports are still above the rest for me. These are cycling and triathlon. My parents say I used to ride a bike rather than walk. And I believe them because even today when I sit on my bike I am as happy as a child. Triathlon combines three sports, swimming, cycling and running. It is an endurance sport and races last over 10 hours. The human body is pushed to its limits. Success in such a sport requires exceptional dedication and discipline. People like to push their own limits. That is why triathlon is an irresistible challenge for many.


Among his significant sporting achievements, we would like to single out:

Champion of Croatia in Medium Long Triathlon 2021, popularly known as Half Ironman

Winner of the international race Ocean Lava Montenegro 2021. Half Ironman

Croatian champion and record holder in cycling on the 1000m track in 2014

Participator in over that 100 races worldwide and mentor of many athletes


Our impressions on HTC 2022

Our first Hvar training camp in 2022  was a complete hit. For the first year, we are more than satisfied. We had favorable weather conditions. We did about 500 kilometers in 6 days. We did advanced tests on athletes. Lactate measurement and setting of power and heart rate zones. The measurement of glycolytic power reveals the type of athlete you are, your strengths and weaknesses. Educational lectures on training for endurance sports, nutrition and physiotherapy. Camp participants left with new knowledge about their bodies and sports performance. The test results will help them train better and progress in their sport.

We sincerely look forward to the return of all the participants, whom we will follow from year to year, and follow their progress.

We had the full support of the City of Hvar and the Tourist Board. They recognized this project especially because it takes place outside the tourist season when the city needs a bit of liveliness. Our goal is to encourage sports tourism on the island.

When I came up with the idea of a triathlon camp on Hvar, I had one goal. Bringing endurance sports lovers together in a unique location that provides everything needed for an unforgettable training experience. Hvar has everything. Favorable climate, good low-traffic roads, clean air, crystal clear sea, rich history, interesting and charismatic people and breathtaking natural beauty. To train in such an environment is truly a privilege. But what makes this camp special is the company. Meeting new people and enjoying sports and a healthy life together. Our goal is to host more and more sports enthusiasts year after year, make new friends and build this project on quality and knowledge, as well as satisfied clients who will return to us again and again.



“Jadran coaching cycling camp helped me to finally realize my physical capabilities and limits after many years of cycling in my free time, and thus, with expert advice and the most modern methods of determining aerobic zones, I could optimize my training and in a short time raise myself to a higher level, without unnecessary effort.  In addition, the island of Hvar is also an ideal place for a combination of climate, nature and excellent cycling routes.”

Emir K. / Switzerland

“As a recreational cyclist, I always took this type of training camp with a grain of salt. Like: “I don’t need it, I’ll read a little professional literature, and that will be enough.”
How wrong I was and how excited I am that I finally decided and joined the “Hvar Training Camp”, on the island of Hvar, organized by the Croatian triathlon expert Jadran Domančić.
I am impressed by the comprehensive approach, from cycling work to professional workshops, lactate measurements in the field, massages as part of regeneration after rides and generally carefully planned entire training camp.
I met new cycling enthusiasts, we all received excellent accommodation and service at the Park Hotel, not to mention the excellent weather conditions: While it was -9 degrees in Slovenia, Hvar had a pleasant 12 degrees. And that in December!
An exceptional experience that I will definitely repeat in a year’s time. At the same time, I warmly recommend this experience to all serious recreational cyclists or those who want to take a step forward in their cycling fitness.”

Dami Zupi / Slovenia