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Is this for me?

Well, of course!

We are here to take care of you. No matter what your level of training you are on.

We offer:

  • Friendly atmosphere at ALL ability levels
  • Maximum athlete to coach ratio of 7:1
  • Individual and group feedback on bike sessions
  • Plenty of opportunities to spend time talking through specifics with the coaching team
  • Education on HTC methodology
  • Most days consist of 3-6 hours of training, you can of course opt out sessions. The week is tailored to your current fitness level so you will be advised to do less (or more!) if the coaches feel it is applicable to current ability, goals and fitness
  • Equipment and nutrition advice as required
  • Sunshine! Well ok, we can’t promise, but its more than likely

“A mixture of hard training sessions with easier endurance based work along with technique sets, but always with a good reason “WHY” you are doing what you are doing”



Rule #1: ENJOY

It really makes no sense if you are not enjoying it. We are very well aware of that. 

you will experience


When not under pressure:

#you stay fresh

#you are more flexible

#you are more creative

#you are less stressed out

#you are happier





For all levels of cyclists. When being part of HTC we are focused of time optimized spend. Having both practical & theorethical approach. You are here to train and have fun, we are here to provide you by all necessary needed!


VLamax & Lactate testing*


We are aware not the riders want / need this kind of testing. In case you do want, we offer discounted price for those measurments. 


Afternoon Workshops 

Classes on regeneration and food nutrition


Sport physiotherapy

Providing info on physical regeneration

*option sports massage

Info: +385976620280


Dami Zupi / Slovenia


“As a recreational cyclist, I always took this type of training camp with a grain of salt. Like: “I don’t need it, I’ll read a little professional literature, and that will be enough.”
How wrong I was and how excited I am that I finally decided and joined the “Hvar Training Camp”, on the island of Hvar, organized by the Croatian triathlon expert Jadran Domančić.
I am impressed by the comprehensive approach, from cycling work to professional workshops, lactate measurements in the field, massages as part of regeneration after rides and generally carefully planned entire training camp.
I met new cycling enthusiasts, we all received excellent accommodation and service at the Park Hotel, not to mention the excellent weather conditions: While it was -9 degrees in Slovenia, Hvar had a pleasant 12 degrees. And that in December!
An exceptional experience that I will definitely repeat in a year’s time. At the same time, I warmly recommend this experience to all serious recreational cyclists or those who want to take a step forward in their cycling fitness.”

Emir K. / Switzerland


“Jadran coaching cycling camp helped me to finally realize my physical capabilities and limits after many years of cycling in my free time, and thus, with expert advice and the most modern methods of determining aerobic zones, I could optimize my training and in a short time raise myself to a higher level, without unnecessary effort.  In addition, the island of Hvar is also an ideal place for a combination of climate, nature and excellent cycling routes.”