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Hvar Island – True hedonism

The island of Hvar is a unique combination of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich and layered cultural and historical heritage, and modern touristic modernity. The tracks and streets of island towns have been open stages of life and art for centuries. From old civic dances that are still preserved by folklore societies to world rhythms in which some new generations sway – the island has always been open to entertainment and social life. The wishes of all generations have remained the same: to find the perfect place for a vacation and the perfect entertainment.

Town of Hvar

Located in a picturesque natural environment, facing the southern, sunny side of the world, which gave it all the Mediterranean appeal and cheerfulness, facing the sea, which reciprocated with a great and unique history, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasure of sights, atmospheres and adventures.
Its name comes from the word PHAROS – the Greek name for the island of Hvar and the town that was once located on the site of today’s Old Town (and from which Hvar took the title of the island’s center in the 13th century).
Hvar gained fame and power during the Middle Ages as an important port within the Venetian maritime empire. Today, however, it is the tourist center of the island and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Dalmatian Riviera – a small town with smiling and friendly inhabitants almost entirely devoted to tourism.